Essay on The Sky is Limit

Short Essay on ” The Sky is Limit”

It is an American dictum that “Sky is limit” it means that if your aspirations or aims are highest you can conquer everything and can achieve whatever want and it gives meaning to your life as it is said that if you have an aim then nothing is impossible for you.

As life is like an arena in which player does not know whether he may win or lose. He has to face the cruelties of death at every moment. The fear of death and life travel together but in spite of this man keeps himself busy in duties and interest in life. The reason of it is of course high aspiration and high aims.

All the material and spiritual enlightenment of man is because of his high aims. He does not look satisfied in any situation and always tries to make his condition better. The man who was living in the caves has now built comfortable houses and has reached the moon because of his ambitions. He has proved that sky is limit for him.

God has created this universe for a man of the other hand man granter such spirit by God which makes him curious to know the mysteries of the universe. It is the first duty of man to conquer this universe and only his aims and ambitions can make it possible.

We need the high aims and determination at every moment of life. Such as sometimes a player faces a defeat but his aim gives strength to bear this defeat with courage and smile. He continues his struggle because of his dreams.

Thus the high aims are very useful for individual and collective progress but it is necessary for each and every high ambition that it should be used for the welfare of mankind. It should be under moral values. If these aims or ambitions are used for the destruction of mankind then they are a curse for human beings.

Essay on The Sky is Limit
Essay on The Sky is Limit

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